Isle of Man Embraces Digital Currency

BitcoinIn a time when Governments and regulatory bodies are scrambling to get a grip of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the Isle of Man is leading the way by thoroughly embracing the technology.

The inaugural meeting of the Manx Digital Currency Association took place on the 1st April. The event was a full house, attended by leading data hosting provider Wi-Manx along with prominent lawyers, bankers, software developers, miners and exchange operators from around Europe and further afield.  The meeting clearly demonstrated the desire for businesses to embrace Digital Currencies and how the Isle of Man was emerging as the “digital currency” place to do business.

The Isle of Man has recently featured in the Digital Currency press due to the work of Paul Davis, Group General Counsel for the Counting House Services group of companies. Paul has sought opinion from the Isle of Man Financial Services Commission (FSC) whose response suggests the Isle of Man is currently positioned as a Bitcoin (and Digital Currency) friendly jurisdiction. The facts and ruling are covered in a recent coindesk article.

There are countless businesses looking to embrace Digital Currencies and the Isle of Man business community is embracing the technology. There are numerous Digital Currency operations already setting up in the Island with several more potential start-ups attending yesterday’s meeting.

The benefits of doing business in the Isle of Man are well documented; world class infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, a can-do attitude in Government, competitive taxation and a reputation as a safe and compliant financial centre. All of these benefits, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to Digital Currencies, positions the Isle of Man at the forefront of the movement. It also shows a certain determination and desire for clarity in a world where Governments and regulatory bodies are struggling to legislate, let alone classify what a Digital Currency is.

Joe Hughes, Wi-Manx MD commented:

As a leading datacentre, hosting and network provider, Wi-Manx is already in discussion with leading exchange operators and software houses about relocating their core infrastructure and Digital Currency operations to the Isle of Man. Our experience in delivering robust, large-scale hosting solutions and embracing new technologies does give us that competitive edge.

Many of the Digital Currency organisations we have spoken to are true innovators, lean and technology focused, who, using their wealth of knowledge and technology know-how, have seized the opportunity. We are able to assist these businesses through a range of colocation, Cloud and dedicated server solutions, leaving them to manage their technical operations. They have a requirement for infrastructure and we can deliver that.

Many other businesses are approaching Digital Currencies, not from a technology angle, but from a commercial standpoint. Joe adds:

This type of business prefers a more hands-off approach to technology. This is where our range of managed hosting solutions are attractive, helping to accelerate product development and reducing time to market, crucial in such a fast moving ecosystem.

If Bitcoin and Digital Currencies are seen as an integral part of your business and you are interested to see how Wi-Manx and the Isle of Man can assist, then Joe invites businesses to get in touch. As an innovative, trusted hosting and technology partner, Wi-Manx can help. Wi-Manx work closely with Government and a network of professional advisors experienced in Digital Currencies.



World back up day – press release

How to Protect your Data on World Back Up Day

It shouldn’t take one day of the year to make us realise how important it is to back up our business’s data, but World Back Up Day reminds us to do exactly that.

Today is a day dedicated to encouraging people and companies all over the world to keep data safe and secure by backing up early and often.

With 78% of data loss and corruption caused by software or hardware malfunctions, 11% by human error, 7% by software failure, 2% by viruses and 1% by natural disasters – no matter what preventative measures you take, you simply can’t predict every eventuality. From the most robust firewall to unbeatable threat management, these will do little to protect your businesses data in the event of human error or Mother Nature and her volatile ways. This is why your ultimate data protection and security must come in the form of a backup that gives your business the best chance of recovery.

On an individual basis it is much simpler: MD of Wi-Manx Joe Hughes explains;

Joe Hughes

“A backup is a second copy of all your important files — for example, your family photos, home videos, documents and emails. Instead of storing it all in one place (like your computer), you keep another copy of everything somewhere safe.”

“However, when we begin to apply this to businesses, we see that the sheer amount of data and the importance of this data take back-up planning to a whole other level.

There are a lot of businesses that don’t pay attention to back-ups, until it’s too late.”

Joe asks

“So why is it important for every business to review their back up plans and systems?”

“Poorly designed back-up solutions or mishandled information puts businesses at risk. The obvious answer is that without a back-up system, should your on-site systems fail you have the potential to lose all of your information since your company’s beginnings. How would the loss of customer information, projects, accounting information, or sales and marketing collateral affect your company? For many, it could be impossible to recover.”

Backing up company data is now becoming more important than ever, as we create more and more information every day. In fact, every two days we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilisation up until 2003.

Joe continues

“Backing up your data in a resilient and secure environment, preferably off-site, also protects your data from viruses, theft, hardware failure, accidental deletion and any physical on site disaster such as fire or floods.”

But what can businesses do on World Back Up Day?

“We want to urge businesses to use this day to take a quick look at their back up procedures and systems and also to just undertake some key research into back-up solutions on the market. Data storage solutions are changing every day so it is important for IT managers to keep ahead of the curve.”

“In 2014 they will be under pressure to protect and secure data in resilient environments that guarantees virtually no downtime. The need for reliable and instant disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that promise 99.99% up time will continue to drive businesses to reconsider their data storage options over the next 12 months, and subsequently invest in virtualisation.

Virtualisation, in the computing sense, involves creating virtual versions of resources such as operating systems and computer storage. Many businesses are now using cloud storage and back-up solutions to limit the amount of hardware on site and keep cost management under control.“

For more information on back-up solutions, or for a free review of your back up procedures, contact Joe Hughes at Wi-Manx today on 01624 641188.





Wi-Manx appoints Tim Cass as new CTO

Wi-Manx CTO

Tim Cass – Wi-Manx CTO

Local hosting, network and internet service provider Wi-Manx have appointed Tim Cass as their new Chief Technical Officer to aide with the company’s ambitious growth strategy.

Bringing years of industry experience to the role, Tim will be responsible for every aspect of the businesses’ infrastructure which is supported by their state of the art datacentre. His appointment marks significant expansion for the business which remains the only truly Manx owned network and hosting solutions provider.

Joe Hughes, Managing Director at Wi-Manx welcomed Tim to the team:

“Wi-Manx is committed to service excellence and this core value remains at the heart of our operation. We are delighted to have someone of Tim’s calibre joining our team. Tim has a proven track record in the hosting and datacentre space, something that Wi-Manx were keen to benefit from.

Tim now heads up a team of skilled engineers who are responsible for the intricate details of the Wi-Manx infrastructure, including our own Heywood House datacentre. He will play a pivotal role in the expansion of our business into new markets and I am sure he will build on our reputation for delivering high levels of service and technical innovation.”

Offering a wealth of knowledge from his previous positions with Domicilium and Netcetera, Tim was an early pioneer of the island’s burgeoning E-Gaming industry during the turn of the millennium, which saw him pave the way for the island’s future infrastructure, creating a resilient road map that has helped transform the Isle of Man into a leading E Business destination.

Speaking of his successful past experience, Tim says.

“I have always been passionate about IT solutions and in 1999 I firmly believed the future lay in networks, datacentres and hosting. I made the decisive move from the finance sector just when the unprecedented growth of E-Gaming started on the Isle of Man.

This early involvement meant I formed a key role in helping develop the extensive datacentre and network infrastructure that now underpins one of the most successful industries in the Isle of Man’s history.”

Looking to the future of Wi-Manx, Tim comments:

“When Joe was appointed Director at Wi-Manx, I knew the company would be on the track to success. I had always appreciated their honest, direct and solution orientated approach to business.
The opportunity to work at Wi-Manx was a very attractive proposition for me; being able to collaborate with such a talented team of people always creates a highly dynamic and exciting working environment. I am delighted to be joining Wi-Manx having seen them emerge as a real challenger in the marketplace.”

For more information contact:
Laura Daly Press Contact 0844 875 0003
About Wi-Manx

Wi-Manx owns and operates its own Isle of Man datacentre and provides solutions for the most demanding of hosting environments. Delivering a range of hosting, voice, internet and datacentre services to several markets, the business remains the only truly Manx owned network and hosting solutions provide on the Isle of Man.


New Board of Directors unveils Wi-Manx vision for the future

One year on from the launch of Heywood House, the multi-million pound state-of-the-art datacentre facility in Douglas, leading network and hosting solutions provider Wi-Manx has restructured its Board of Directors, with a firm focus on significant expansion in the UK and Europe.

Current CTO Joe Hughes has been promoted to Managing Director and is joined on the Board by brothers Charlie and Henry Whipp.  With ambitious growth targets and a clear strategy, the new appointments are intended to strengthen the company’s leadership as it looks to build on its range of innovative services and target new verticals.

Joe, 31, has been with Wi-Manx since its formation in 2004 and his experience and knowledge of the industry means he is well placed to lead the company as it approaches its next stage of development.

Wi-Manx is the only 100% Manx-owned ISP and Datacentre services provider in the Island, and the Isle of Man remains the foundation from which our business operates.

Over the past 18 months we have made a significant investment in our hosting and network infrastructure. This investment – and our innovative approach to technology – has enabled us to develop a range of products and services that should help position us as leaders in the marketplace, both in terms of price and service.

Henry and Charlie are directors of Wi-Manx and the Barony Group. Henry is a Chartered Surveyor who trained and started his career in London, before working in New Zealand, returning to the Island in 2011. Charlie is an Isle of Man advocate and worked for the well-known legal firm Cains at both their London and Isle of Man offices for six years, before taking up his new role in the Barony Group.

Henry commented, ‘Joe has all the enthusiasm, technical insight and practical knowledge about our industry to lead Wi-Manx during this exciting phase of its development. We’re certain the company will continue to flourish with him at the helm.’

Charlie added: ‘Henry and I are genuinely excited to be part of the new Board of Directors and are really looking forward to being involved with the company’s future plans, which are ambitious but certainly achievable. We have the right products, a genuinely talented team and a highly attractive pricing structure.’

‘The fact that both Henry and Charlie are experienced in other fields is a major benefit to us,’ said Joe. ‘They bring a lot of drive and experience to the table, and their different way of thinking further strengthens our strategic approach to developing our business. We’re all looking forward to rolling out our plans over the coming months and bringing significant new business to the Island.’

WiManx Regatta 2011

The Wi-Manx Regatta will be held Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July at Manx Sailing & Cruising Club in Ramsey Bay.

This is a two day event with three races held ‘back to back’ on each day with racing commencing at 11.00am on Saturday and 12.00pm on Sunday.

Sponsors Wi-Manx will hold the prize-giving directly after racing finishes on the Sunday, followed by a complimentary Regatta Tea for all competitors, race officials, family, friends and social members.

As part of the H R Gelling Travellers Cup it is hoped that the event will be fully supported, especially by the juniors who made such a good showing at the IOMYC Regatta.