Elissa means business

Wi-Manx have appointed Elissa Morris as a new Account Manager to work with their growing base of business hosting customers. Joining a highly skilled technical team, Elissa specialises in datacentre services, network, cloud, managed hosting and security solutions.

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Wi-Manx plans to bring new era of communication to the Isle of Man

As part of the first step in providing Islanders with enhanced communications solutions, Douglas-based Internet Service Provider, Wi-Manx has applied for a full telecoms licence. While Wi-Manx is frequently ranked as one of fastest and most reliable broadband suppliers on the Isle of Man, the company is planning to excel further as part of a wider plan to bring new, cutting-edge technologies to the Isle of Man.

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Elite Comms Group Acquires Wi-Manx

The Island’s only fully Manx owned communications business has hit the ground running after completing its first acquisition. Elite Comms Group has acquired Wi-Manx, an Isle of Man provider of datacentre, hosting and network solutions. The strategic move will see the Group inherit a highly skilled technical team, a state of the art datacentre and will connect Wi-Manx and its customers to the Group’s next generation network.

Kate Hegarty, Director at the Elite Group said:

“The acquisition of Wi-Manx was of particular interest to the Elite Group because hosting and network solutions are an integral part of our strategy. This acquisition further strengthens our connectivity and hosting portfolio and means we are the only 100% Manx owned communications company that operates its own pan-European MPLS and internet backbone.

The acquisition of Wi-Manx means customers now gain access to a next generation European network and direct access to a number of UK and Isle of Man carriers, datacentres and DR facilities. Our proposition is simple – we want our customers to benefit from pioneering services and unified communication platforms because these promote collaboration and turn IT and comms into revenue generating tools.”

Joe Hughes, Managing Director at Wi-Manx said of the deal:

“This is a really exciting time for Wi-Manx and our customers. Since our formation 10 years ago, Wi-Manx has grown to service several thousand loyal customers who value our first-class service and our forward-thinking approach to business and technology. The Elite Group recognised the market leading technical expertise at Wi-Manx and the benefits we would bring to the organisation. This deal will deliver business growth, a range of new and innovative services for our customers and enhance our existing portfolio of products, bringing many benefits to the Isle of Man.”

Wi-Manx was founded in 2004. A leading Isle of Man datacentre, cloud, voice and network solutions provider, Wi-Manx will remain the only wholly Manx owned communications, ISP and datacentre provider operating in the market.

The Elite Group own and operate a next generation Enhanced MPLS network that supports voice, internet, cloud and WAN services with unrivalled throughput, quality and performance.

Study Reveals Island is Streets Ahead of UK Broadband Usage

Isle of Man broadband usage Infographic

A recent island wide survey carried out by local internet company Wi-Manx has revealed the Isle of Man has a bigger appetite for multi device usage than the UK.

The activity known as “media meshing” (or media stacking) involves the use of more than one internet connected device at once.  Wi-Manx discovered nearly three quarters (73%) of local broadband users said that they regularly “media mesh” compared to just over half (53%) of UK residents, a figure that reflects the island’s widespread adoption of technology and the internet in everyday life.

In an attempt to understand the technology profile and media usage habits of homes on the Isle of Man, the survey, which gained over 480 local responses, also went on to look at reasons that drive respondent’s buying decisions when choosing a broadband provider. Interestingly, it was found that islanders rate reliability and super-fast broadband speeds as the most important factors when choosing a provider, whilst cost is seen as less of a factor.

MD Joe Hughes said of the survey

Joe Hughes

“We wanted to learn more about local broadband habits and find out what really matters to internet users in the Isle of Man and we were genuinely surprised by the findings. It was encouraging to see Manx residents truly value high levels of service and broadband speeds over price. If the service, speeds and customer experience are not up to scratch, the price becomes irrelevant.”

Respondents were asked to rate the importance of each factor on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is most important and 10 is least important.  Nearly three quarters rated speed as an important factor, with the reliability of service seen as the most important factor by far.

Only half the respondents believed price was the most important factor when choosing a broadband provider.

The survey, which included customers from all the Isle of Man broadband providers went on to uncover that 2 out of 5 households owns one or more connected devices and over a third of respondents have an online video subscription such as Netflix or Love Film, a stat that illustrates the shift in how we consume content today.

Joe Hughes continued

“Technology, and in particular, the internet, supports today’s media rich lifestyle – music, video, gaming & communication. We understood that our customers actively use a range of devices and services in their everyday life but we were shocked to realise just how big the Isle of Man’s media meshing appetite is, especially when compared to the UK.”

The widespread adoption of high speed internet in everyday life and the sheer number of connected devices puts a lot of focus on the home internet connection. The results are echoed by the fact Wi-Manx has seen a massive increase in the number of customers opting for our high speed 40Mbps Velocity services, after all, high speeds and service are key.

The survey demonstrates the fact households need to ensure they have a fast enough internet connection to support all the family members, their devices and any other emerging technologies or services.

Wi-Manx have consistently been rated the fastest Isle of Man broadband provider with the highest customer satisfaction by the independent service Net Index.

Isle of Man Embraces Digital Currency

BitcoinIn a time when Governments and regulatory bodies are scrambling to get a grip of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies, the Isle of Man is leading the way by thoroughly embracing the technology.

The inaugural meeting of the Manx Digital Currency Association took place on the 1st April. The event was a full house, attended by leading data hosting provider Wi-Manx along with prominent lawyers, bankers, software developers, miners and exchange operators from around Europe and further afield.  The meeting clearly demonstrated the desire for businesses to embrace Digital Currencies and how the Isle of Man was emerging as the “digital currency” place to do business.

The Isle of Man has recently featured in the Digital Currency press due to the work of Paul Davis, Group General Counsel for the Counting House Services group of companies. Paul has sought opinion from the Isle of Man Financial Services Commission (FSC) whose response suggests the Isle of Man is currently positioned as a Bitcoin (and Digital Currency) friendly jurisdiction. The facts and ruling are covered in a recent coindesk article.

There are countless businesses looking to embrace Digital Currencies and the Isle of Man business community is embracing the technology. There are numerous Digital Currency operations already setting up in the Island with several more potential start-ups attending yesterday’s meeting.

The benefits of doing business in the Isle of Man are well documented; world class infrastructure, highly skilled workforce, a can-do attitude in Government, competitive taxation and a reputation as a safe and compliant financial centre. All of these benefits, coupled with a forward-thinking approach to Digital Currencies, positions the Isle of Man at the forefront of the movement. It also shows a certain determination and desire for clarity in a world where Governments and regulatory bodies are struggling to legislate, let alone classify what a Digital Currency is.

Joe Hughes, Wi-Manx MD commented:

As a leading datacentre, hosting and network provider, Wi-Manx is already in discussion with leading exchange operators and software houses about relocating their core infrastructure and Digital Currency operations to the Isle of Man. Our experience in delivering robust, large-scale hosting solutions and embracing new technologies does give us that competitive edge.

Many of the Digital Currency organisations we have spoken to are true innovators, lean and technology focused, who, using their wealth of knowledge and technology know-how, have seized the opportunity. We are able to assist these businesses through a range of colocation, Cloud and dedicated server solutions, leaving them to manage their technical operations. They have a requirement for infrastructure and we can deliver that.

Many other businesses are approaching Digital Currencies, not from a technology angle, but from a commercial standpoint. Joe adds:

This type of business prefers a more hands-off approach to technology. This is where our range of managed hosting solutions are attractive, helping to accelerate product development and reducing time to market, crucial in such a fast moving ecosystem.

If Bitcoin and Digital Currencies are seen as an integral part of your business and you are interested to see how Wi-Manx and the Isle of Man can assist, then Joe invites businesses to get in touch. As an innovative, trusted hosting and technology partner, Wi-Manx can help. Wi-Manx work closely with Government and a network of professional advisors experienced in Digital Currencies.