Why Customer Service Is at The Heart of Wi-Manx

As a local provider, we’re committed to resolving any customer problems as quickly as possible and with minimum disruption. All enquiries and issues are dealt with by our Douglas-based technical support team, whether that’s getting some help setting up your router or a detailed analysis of your database’s performance.

The Wi-Manx E-Safety Guide

With the internet playing such a significant role in modern life, it’s important you how to stay safe online. We have created the Wi-Manx E-Safety guide to help you understand the threats that exist and show you how to avoid them.

iPSP Case Study – Hosted Contact Centre and SIP

Wi-Manx’s hosted contact centre came about because we were looking to gain more control over our outbound marketing campaigns. Rather than relying on legacy costly technology, we were looking for innovation to help us measure results and drive growth. Wi-Manx suggested a hosted contact centre platform to optimise our performance and once implemented we saw an immediate return on investment.